Wiki: Tagging Pages

How to Tag pages in the Wiki

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Tagging pages helps with organization and searchability of pages. Tags are a great tool to allow users to quickly know the topics that a page

Tags on a Page

Tags are displayed on a page at the bottom of the page. The tags will be displayed in a block that looks like the following image:


As we can see, this page has several unique tags indicating it is a page on a Programming topic, providing a Cheatsheet or Quick Reference, and so on.

Adding Tags to a Page

Adding tags to a page is easy. First, you'll want to have a Wiki account and be logged in. Once you've done that, find a page you want to edit. Once you begin editing the page, find the menu bar at the top of the page, it looks like so:


Select the Tags button and you will now see a popup that looks like this:


If you begin typing in the text field, you will see suggested tags begin to pop up.


If your tag already exists, select the tag and you will see it be added, as so:


If the tag does not exist, type in the Tag you wish to create and then press Enter on your keyboard.
NOTE Do not add tags to the text entry box as a comma-separated list. Always add tags by selecting from the drop-down menu or by pressing Enter on the keyboard.

When you have finished adding all the tags you wanted to add or create, then click the Confirm Changes button. After adding the tags, you will want to Publish changes to any page you have added tags to.


That's it. Happy tagging!