Our goal is to provide useful, and respectful, content around the Unreal Engine. These are the principles we use when moderating user-created content.

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Our Wikipedia thrives of its users and their contributions, only with your help can we keep everything up to date and as useful as possible for everyone!

  • How can you Contribute?

    Lots of ways to help for all different kinds of situations. Whether you can invest a lot of effort or a little, only in bursts or every day a few minutes, here are some of the most prominent ones!

Create Pages

Our Wikipedia is only as valuable as its content. Any addition, update or modification helps the wiki grow in size and helps us to be a better resource of information for everyone.

If you have questions about formatting, design or anything of the sorts feel free to set by our Discord, we are happy to help. A list of requested and valuable pages to create is being worked on to give a guideline about good topics to dedicate time on.

We kindly ask you not to create video or playlist pages.

Maintain Pages

Pick a set of pages that are important to you or in need of improvement and fix them up! This can include checking new pages, categorizing them, reformatting them into a more standardized format across the wiki, updating the content to also cover newer engine versions. Adopting pages isn't really a formal process and can require as little or much time as you can contribute.

Structural changes should be discussed with the other regular users first. It is highly recommended to create an account at this stage as users will quickly and automatically ascend towards trusted users who do not need to be approved for changes to show up and editors who can approve changes made by others, giving you all the tools we can offer to take care of and improve these pages without obstacles!


You see a spelling mistake or grammatical error? A sentence is formulated in a long and windy way? If you stumble across little things like this, edit and correct the problem! Details are easily overlooked, and there is a lot of content that needs to be maintained.


Suggestions for our Wikipedia? A better Design in mind that could improve the experience? Drop by our Discord and share your feedback!


Requests for our Wikipedia? Some content (topics & features) you feel are missing? Join our Discord and share them!

  • Form

    Outdated content, inappropriate behavior & technical issues or feature requests can also be submitted via this form.