Confirmed User, Editor, Moderator, Interface Admin & Bureaucrats

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The content of the wiki and the majority of decisions should be made by the userbase.

Due to the size and to assure the quality while preventing spam some features need higher privileges. Depending on the size and interest of the userbase these roles can be changed into election based positions.

Until such time the wiki will be run as a meritocracy, promoting who has the most talent, invest the most effort and achieves the most for this wiki.


New User

These are users who have not signed up. Contributions do not show up by default. New pages must be approved by Confirmed User or higher. Edits must be approved by Editor or higher.

Confirmed User

Registered users who have 10 approved edits and at least 7 days since sign up. Are automatically promoted to a confirmed user. New pages show up automatically. Edits must be approved by an editor or higher


Registered user who has 200 edits and at least 60 days since sign up. Are automatically promoted. All edits show up automatically. The only pages that can not be edited are protected pages. Can approve all submissions.


For people who visit the wiki every other day anyway, spend a fair amount of time contributing and improving the wiki and remain a level head even when things get heated.

Some users who show dedication and the kind of behavior one would expect from a moderator will be given this special role.

The task of a moderator is to make sure that approvals / rejections of user contributions are handled relatively quickly. That disagreements on wiki pages during discussions or potential edit wars are handled in a mature and constructive way and that the most central pages are kept up to date.

Moderators have the same privileges as editors plus the ability to protect pages. Only moderators are able to protect pages.

Registered user who has been assigned the role by an admin. Can edit all pages including protected pages. Can set protection on pages. Can approve all submissions. Can move pages, discussions, etc.

Interface Admin

For people with experience in web development, CSS and MediaWiki who can contribute a fair amount of time in bursts or continuously.

An interface admin is like a normal user but has the power to modify the CSS on the page.

Additionally they help write MediaWiki templates, help implementing extensions and have a lot of influence over the structure and presentation of the wiki.


Can set user rights