Service Request

An explanation on how to suggest other Wiki Service's.

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This page collects all requests for included services and systems which would benefit the wiki beyond wikimedia extensions.

Each proposal is stored in its own subpage.

The goal of this process is to distribute workload and make sure the inclusion of a service is well thought out.

A formal proposal requires the following to be considered:

  • The service in question
  • A goal
  • An explanation for why this service accomplishes this goal
  • Estimated implementation effort
  • A competitor overview. What alternatives exist? Why is this service the best choice?
  • An analysis of all potential costs that might be created. Including information on how much it costs for a tiny project and what cost is added when scaling up.

These points can be written down in a mostly formless manner.

A subpage can be created by starting a new page with the title "Wiki_Service_Request/Your_Request".