Tutorial: Enabling the GameplayMessageSystem

A short tutorial demonstrating how to enable the GameplayMessageSystem for use in your Project

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The GameplayMessageSystem is implemented as an Engine plugin.

Enabling the GameplayMessageSystem Plugin

Enabling via .UProject

To enable the GameplayMessageSystem via editing the .uproject:

  1. Navigate to your Project directory
  2. Open the Project.uproject in a text editor or IDE
  3. Add the following entry to the "Plugins" array:
  "Name": "GameplayMessageRouter",
  "Enabled": false

Enabling via Editor

Open your Project's Editor and navigate to Edit->Plugins


Edit .Build.cs

If you want to utilize the GameplayMessageSystem you will also want to add it to your project's Build.cs file. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to your Project directory
  2. Find the Project.Build.cs file (under Source/Project subfolders)
  3. Add to either PublicDependencyModuleNames or PrivateDependencyModuleNames (as appropriate for your project), the entry "GameplayMessageRuntime"
    • Note that these are both a comma-separated lists of strings. The entry can be added anywhere in either list.
			new string[] {

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