Ue4 system to handle Actor perceptions like sight or hearing.

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Ue4 has a built in system to handle perceptions, like for example sight and hearing. This system works in conjunction with AI to enable characters to perceive other actors in the scene.

This system is composed of two main components:

  • AIPerception

    This component encapsulates the perceptions, it's work is to enable hearing, listening, etc... It is usually added in the AI controller.

  • AIPerceptionStimuliSource

    This component encapsulates what in the scene can be perceived and with what senses. It is usually added in the Actors that the AI need to perceive.

Perceived Actors can be classified as Hostile, Neutral and Friendly. This classification can be used to filter what to perceive in AIPerception component, or to handle different behaviour towards different Actors.

How to setup perception system including Hostile, Neutral and Friendly recognition