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Overview This page serves a collection of resources to help community members get involved and contribute to Epic's Community Wiki. Here you can find tutorials and templates for creating new Wiki p...

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This page serves a collection of resources to help community members get involved and contribute to the Unreal Community Wiki. Here you can find tutorials and templates for creating new Wiki pages, cheat sheets for Wiki formatting, best practices, and other useful tidbits. If you know of a valuable Wiki resource, please edit this page and add it!


If you are new to editing Wikis in general, you can learn more about Wiki editing at the [// MediaWiki] website.

Before editing any pages, you will need to create an account.


Wiki Tutorial Template

UE4 Wiki Format Guide

Page Content

  • Create a new page by connecting to a page that does not exist yet. Try typing it into the URL or linking text on another page.
  • Make use of Wiki Markup to organize the content of a page
    • Use tables when applicable
    • Use formatting to emphasize keywords
    • Include a Category tag to organize the page into a category of other similar pages (eg: **** )
    • Make proper use of Headers to separate sections
      • Don't use headers to style - use them to organize
      • example: Your first tier of headers should use only 2 equal signs (''Level 2 heading"), such as ==Header==
  • Use correct/consistent UE4 terminology
    • Don't use several terms to refer to the same thing in a page. Use only one
  • Don't overuse colors and formatting, as this can be distracting
  • Don't use foul language
  • Use proper spelling and grammar, and be sure to proof read
  • Add a link to your user page at the bottom so that people will know that you are the original author

Wiki Markup

To experiment with Wiki markup, edit the Wiki Sandbox page.

You can read more about the wiki markup used to format Wiki pages here:


  • Add images on this page:
  • For more information on image formatting, check out the MediaWiki page.
  • For blueprint screenshots consider using PNG format
  • Give your images unique and descriptive names when uploading
  • Larger images should be kept in thumbnail or gallery form to save space
  • If you are unfamiliar with Wiki markup, avoid aligning images to the right or left, for the sake of page consistency. Use an alignment property of none instead. (see example below)
  • Go back and update images if there are updates in the engine

Example of wiki-markup for adding an image to the page:


  • File specifies the file name of the image.
  • thumb specifies that the image should be displayed as a small thumbnail.
    • Replacing thumb with frame causes the image to be displayed in its native size - that is, the size that it was originally uploaded with. This use is obsolete and should not be used because it is disruptive for many displays, especially mobile devices.
    • Thumbnails can be resized by specifying a size parameter (see below)
  • none specifies that the image has no alignment properties, and will appear on the left of the page by default. Aligning the image using left or right instead will cause the text on the page to wrap around the image, and may cause unwanted formatting in the flow of the page. center will simply center the image on the page.
    • If you are unfamiliar with wiki-formatting, it's best to avoid using left and right, as these may disrupt the flow of the page.
    • If you use left or right and want to avoid text-wrapping, place
      after the image file to clear the text-wrapping effect.
  • size sets the maximum width of the image. In the example below, the image is limited to 500 pixels wide. 940px is a good width for displaying large images.
  • Caption is optional, and can be added as the last parameter. Captions can be useful by describing what's going on in an image. The caption will be displayed at the bottom of images that are either set as thumb.

Result (example):


[ You can read more about Image formatting here.]


  • Add a Youtube video using

  - Describe video contents on page
  - Only embed Unreal Engine related videos
      - NSFW video content is not allowed
  - Do not create a page with only an embedded video, please make sure to add text describing the purpose of the video too.