Build Unreal Engine from Source

Following section serves as guidance on how to build Unreal Engine from source.


As the very first thing I recommend downloading & installing Visual Studio Community 2019, Visual Studio Preview 2022, GitHub Desktop, Unreal Binary Builder, Git, Zip-7, and Git LFS.

Visual Studio Community 2022 serves the sole purpose of building Unreal Engine, as it is noticeably faster in that than Visual Studio 2019. GitHub Desktop lets you clone Unreal Engine Source the easy way. Unreal Binary Builder is sometimes faster than Visual Studio 2022. Git is neccesary for building Unreal Engine. Zip-7 is the most common software for unpacking files. Git LFS is optional for big files.

Visual Studio Installer features this window, to install the correct components for Unreal Engine Development, make sure the Game Development with C++ workload is checked. Under the Installation Details section on the right, also choose the following components:

  • C++ profiling tools
  • C++ AddressSanitizer (optional)
  • Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362 or newer)
  • Unreal Engine Installer


Visual Studio might recognize missing components automatically at a later point, in that case it will install them for you trouble-free and very easy.



Pick one of the active branches, click on Code, download with GitHub Desktop and clone it to your Computer.


Pick one of the active branches, click on Code, download with ZIP and place it on one of your hard drives.

Name has to be between 6-24 characters.


Run Setup.bat, Register Unreal File Types (Yes), and Generate Project Files.

Visual Studio

Open the generated UE.sln file, search for UE4 or 5, rightclick Build, when finished set as Startup, and Debug.

Unreal Binary Builder (Alternative)